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From 6 Jul 2019 to 7 Jul 2019 - Murten

Music in the city

Each year Murten presents itself during the months from July to Septembre from it’s musician side. On Saturday and/or Sundays tourists and citoyens receives the pleasure to listen to various sounds of instruments and of different kind of groups.

Those persons wich will spend time in the city, ll’have the pleasure to listen to top motivated musicians. This year each weekend will perform an other group. Between 10 o’clock a.m. and 5 o’clock p.m. this ones will perform in and in front of the city. From traditional music from Africa to the top of Switzerland, from Jazz to Gospel, from zither to barrel organ – We don’t have any limits. Young musicians, hobby musicians, clubs and professionals from Switzerland – and even from France – are coming to Murten to show their knowing and to share their passion.

Murten Tourism brought into being these event to have some melodies in the city and to animate it. Young and old should be amused in the zähringer city by this special atmosphere. «Music in the city» is a enrichment for the whole population.

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